MHC Fall to Defeat at Coventry

MHC lost their second match of the season away at Coventry. Not the result we were looking for, but many “up” moments to be happy with and “down” moments to work very hard on the next training sessions.

Our next game is on 10th November at Newcastle in the National Cup.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoals


# Player Goals Yellow 2m 2m 2m Red
1Lucas Chmielewski0     
2Manuel Lanz111    
7Carlos Donner2 5:54   
11Martin Hall0     
13Mohammad Ghuloum51    
16Danny Caiger0     
17Joey Amoah2     
22Mike Gregson01    
23Chan Wan Man2     
24Meshach Brencher0     
28Adam Burchell0     
33Ruben Wolff2     
82Hubert Kowalczyk1