Game Week One – MHC VS Liverpool

Thursday 11th October 2018

Oct 6th 2018 – Manchester Velodrome.

MHC Men 1 kicked off their 2018/19 National Championship North Campaign with a tough home fixture against Liverpool Handball Club, with the recently relegated Super 8 Club looking assert their playoff credentials with a good away win.

From the outset, the game was a tense affair, with no team able to establish their dominance. Liverpool capitalised on good passes to the line and inventive one-on-one wing play to score the majority of their goals, while Manchester employed set pieces and backcourt shooting to devastating effect. Unfortunately, however, this game would not be remembered as attacking master class, but more for the strong and reliable defences employed by both teams. Ultimately it was Liverpool who came on top in the early stages, and the first half ended with the away team leading by a single goal 10 -11.

The second half followed much the same pattern as the first with the teams level coming into the final seconds of the game. Unfortunately for MHC, tired legs and tired minds eventually proved costly with the home side missing the opportunity to pull ahead. The late game mistakes were compounded when Liverpool where awarded a penalty with six seconds left to play. The goal was duly dispatched leaving MHC to dust itself off and prepare for their next meeting in what is sure to be a fiercely competitive season.

Week 1 Scores

Final Score MHC 20 – Liverpool 21.
Final Score Coventry HC 30 – Lboro Handball Club 26.